"Her Normal" is a place where women can laugh, share stories or be inspired to embrace their normal especially if their single or childless statuses are by choice or chance.

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Cheers to a movement designed to encourage women to embrace their normal, whatever that may look like, and not the stereotype of their role in society. It’s the #HerNormal movement. So whether you’re single or childless by choice or chance, this is a no judgement zone.

By trade, I’m a journalist, accustomed to work deadlines. However, there’s one deadline, more like an internal ticking clock sound that tends to put pressure on many of us. You’ve guessed it, the biological clock. A simple conversation with a dear friend prompted this movement after we both agreed that women sometimes are forced to feel less than if they’re single or childless by the time they reach a certain age. Thankfully, I find myself alongside a dynamic group of gal pals. Some are happily single, dating, comfortably childless(whether their statuses are temporary or permanent) and infertility warriors. In order to live life to the fullest, I believe it’s important to have an attitude of gratitude and encourage women from all walks of life. Why not? Your normal, is simply not #HerNormal.