He’s making me crazy


 ● He’s Making me Crazy: For that moment you realize he’s not Mr. Right. Usually, I’ll mix this up when I accept that the relationship isn't going anywhere and it's time to break things off. This calls for just cranberry juice and vodka but not just any vodka...a flavored berry vodka and a splash of lime. It’s our version of the popular “Jamaican Me Crazy” drink. 

Ninety-nine problems?


 ● 99 Problems: We’ve all been there with a  list that sometimes exceeds 99 problems but if a man isn't one of those problems then it isn't a bad place to be - instead it’s a reason to mix up a cocktail and celebrate. This just means that you’re in dating the right man at the time and can afford to be oblivious to everything else (only for a sweet moment).

Cheers with coconut rum and pineapple juice!

A cocktail for the third or fourth date


 ● Spill the Tea: Sometimes by the 3rd or 4th date, you're still trying to feel a guy out. Often times, it takes weeks or even years for someone to reveal their true colors or spill the tea. That’s exactly what I’m mixing up…. My special “Spill the Tea” drink. You’ve heard of Long Island...well it’s more like a deserted island because that’s where he’ll think he’s at depending on what you find out.  By the time he’s done, you’ll know everything you need to know and whether or not he’s a keeper.

FYI: If you’re already in a relationship, it’s never too late for this cocktail.

Ten dating tips if you're in your thirties


Dating over 30 can be a little tricky so I've decided to put a few pointers together for the ladies who are still hoping to find their Prince Charming. Now many of the tips are common sense but you'll be surprised at how many people opt to deal with anything just for companionship.


1. "My phone died." - Don't you just want to laugh at this excuse. I'd suggest that he invest in a work charger, car charger, home charger, as well as a 'just because' charger. There is nothing like trying to contact your potential love interest and you just keep getting his voice mail. If this is a common pattern, move on. 

2. Independence is key for travel- it'd be nice if he has a car and if doesn't he should have a means to transportation or willing to take public transportation to reach you.

3. Dating Matters- Now remember he doesn’t have to take you to a 5-star Resturant for the first date but he definitely has to court you! 'Netflix and Chill' should never be an option.

4. If long term is not the goal then neither is the bedroom!

5. If he lives with his mom.....No Thanks! Unless he's working on buying a home. I get it sometimes life calls for taking one step back in order to move 2 steps forward.

6. If he can’t call you then he can’t date you! Texting all night and all day is not ok!

7. If his fingernails are dirty well that’s a sign of his hygiene perhaps not being up to par!

8. Teeth Matter- I have a fetish when it comes to a nice bright smile. I love a clean mouth.

9. Employment is important- He doesn’t have to be Steve Jobs but he does have to job, even while he works toward his career and goals.

10. Family- How he cares for his family especially his mother is how he will treat you.